Meet the Power Rangers actors and other things to expect at Singapore Comic Con 2023, happening 9 and 10 December

Jason Faunt, Adam Tuominen, and Jason Chan from Power Rangers set to attend SGCC

Actors from the Power Rangers franchise, like Jason Faunt (left) and Jason Chan, will make their first live appearance at SGCC 2023.
Actors from the Power Rangers franchise, like Jason Faunt (left) and Jason Chan, will make their first live appearance at SGCC 2023. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Thinking about getting tickets to this year’s Singapore Comic Con (SGCC)? Then perhaps this morphinomenal appearance might provide some extra incentive.

If the unusual word rings a bell, then you’re probably a Power Rangers fan and this year will be the first time some of the actors from the franchise will be making their live appearance here.

Alas, it’s not any of the cast from the Mighty Morphin era but it’s still close(ish).

The trio who will be present are Jason Faunt (Wes Collins/Red Time Force Ranger), Adam Tuominen (Hunter/Crimson Thunder Ranger), and Jason Chan (Cam/Green Samurai Ranger). The latter two are from the Ninja Storm season and eagle-eyed fans might even recognise Chan from some of his roles in local productions.

However, if you want a photo and/or their autographs, you’ll need to purchase a separate ticket in addition to the entry ticket for Singapore Comic Con.

What else can you expect at this year’s SGCC? Read on to find out.

Cybertron Fest 2023

Transformers fans will also have a special treat this year as Hasbro doesn’t seem to be holding back with its offerings.

SGCC 2023 will play host to the Cybertron Fest 2023 where attendees can be the first in Asia to see the Hasbro Transformers Generations HasLab Deathsaurus up close - and stand a chance to win one.

There’ll also be the global reveal of the Fall 2024 Transformers Legacy Titan toy, as well as some early releases that will be sold exclusively at Cybertron Fest 2023 (and Hasbro Pulse Singapore).

Creators Con

A new segment for SGCC, Creators Con is a dedicated space for content creators to connect, share their experiences, and inspire the next generation of creators. You can meet some of your favourite TikTok creators from Southeast Asia who will be sharing more about their passion for games, toys, cosplay, and more.

Though there seems to be more to the lineup, some of the familiar faces you can expect are Andrea Chong, Zermatt Neo, Royce Lee, and Tabitha Nauser.

Tabletop Gaming

Making a return after a successful showing last year is the tabletop gaming segment of the convention.

Of course, Wizards of the Coast, publisher of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and Magic: The Gathering, will be setting up shop again.

For D&D, the talented cast of Dungeons & Distractions will be returning with their immersive form of storytelling where the audience will get to be a part of their adventures and make crucial decisions.

As for Magic players - old, new, returning, and aspiring - there is place for everyone at the booth. For those with experience, well, you can play to your heart’s content. But for those who want to learn, there will be expert instructors around to teach you.

The game is also known for its stunning art so if you’re keen to know more, join the Magic: The Gathering Artist segment at The W.I.P. Lab to get insights from the artists who have worked on the game (as well as other iconic gaming brands).

There are tons more that SGCC has to offer so for the full list of exhibitors and the programme schedule, head on over to their website.

SGCC 2023 will be held at Level 1 and B2 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre from 9-10 December. You can get your tickets here.

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