Megyn Kelly Mocks Jennifer Lopez for ‘Taking Pictures of Her Own Ass’ | Video

The J. Lo hate train chugs on, and Megyn Kelly is all aboard — making fun of the star for “taking pictures of her own ass” to try and distract the press amid rumors of a pending divorce from Ben Affleck. Kelly compared what’s happening to how Affleck and Lopez first reunited following her breakup with baseball star Alex Rodriguez after he was spotted cheating on her.

“Within about two minutes, she was back with Ben Affleck, and completely changed the news narrative to ‘Bennifer’ — ‘They’re back, they’re amazing.’ Not “J. Lo Is Kind of Past Her Prime and Got Cheated On,'” Kelly asserted. “Right? She didn’t want that headline, and I understand why, but I’m convinced she got back together with Ben Affleck to get rid of those headlines.”

“Then she was forced to marry the guy and, shock of all shocks, it’s not working out. So now the PR campaign is back into gear,” Kelly added. “I’m sure you saw the shots of her in Italy on a boat like by herself, taking pictures of her own ass.”

The conservative host slammed Lopez in an episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” Wednesday with her guest, columnist and author Maureen Callahan, tackling everything from viral photos to Lopez’s recent documentary.

The photos that Kelly referred to were of Lopez aboard a boat in Italy, in which she was “caught” photographing “her own ass.” The pair insinuated that she was getting the photos out in the tabloid press intentional to try shifting the headlines away from more negative angles and speculation.

A separate photo of Lopez sitting in a coach seat on a plane has also been circulating the internet recently. The pair took a stab at this picture and mocked her for pushing her “Jenny From the Block” persona.

“‘Jenny from the Block,’ she’s just ‘Jenny from the Block.’ Just like us, not trying to unload a $60 million mansion,” Callahan said. “We have to all participate in this delusion that Jenny’s just a dewy little starlet, not like a thrice-divorced mother of two.”

J. Lo’s documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told” was the prime target for their mockery. The documentary tells the story of Lopez reuniting with her now husband Ben Affleck and the production of her recent Amazon film and accompanying album — released shortly ahead of rumors of their split. Kelly shared a clip from the doc in which Affleck seemed disturbed by Lopez sharing their personal love letters with others and telling their story so publicly.

“It is beyond incredible and the way that Ben talks about her on camera … he literally says like, ‘She’s a bottomless pit of need,'” Callahan said.

Kelly rounded out their conversation by sharing her final thoughts on the Lopez-Affleck drama.

“This is yet another failed marriage for her. She’s trying to dump it all on the guy to say, no responsibility. ‘I tried. I did my best, I lied to everybody about the greatest relationship. What more can a girl do? I guess it’s back to my ass,'” Kelly said. “I’m sorry, I have zero respect for this person … The only way she’s not failing is she’s got a huge social media following. So she’s reinventing herself as a Kardashian.”

Watch the full segment in the video at the top of this story.

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