Megyn Kelly Slams ‘Morning Joe’s’ Mika Brzezinski for 15-Minute Debate Defense: She’s ‘Working for the Biden Campaign Now’ | Video

Megyn Kelly didn’t hold back her thoughts on “Morning Joe’s” Mika Brzezinski delivering a 15-minute defense of Joe Biden’s dismal debate performance on Monday morning. The conservative host told guest Charlie Kirk on “The Megyn Kelly Show” that Brzezinski’s “very clearly” working on the Biden campaign at this point.

“It was actually a breathtaking 15-minute display by Mika Brzezinski, who is working for the Biden campaign now, very clearly,” Kelly said. Summarizing the segment, Kelly said, “She comes on solo [and] acknowledges that her family and she have long been close to the Bidens, which is obviously why she can’t be objective [to] that in her hard left nature, and tries to chalk it up to the vintage sparkle and smile.”

You can watch the full “Morning Joe” monologue here, in which Brzezinski praised the “vintage” Joe Biden showing up at a Friday rally (while reading off a teleprompter):

Kelly then ran through Brzezinski’s reasons for why Biden seemed much more lively Friday, back on the campaign trail, after Thursday’s terrible debate against former President Donald Trump. More sleep, the event being in the day instead of at night, not being jet lagged from presidential trips and having more time away from son Hunter Biden’s recent felony charges topped the list.

But Kelly wasn’t having it. “The problem is that he is not competent to be president. It’s not that his ability to argue has been undermined.”

Kelly then brought up the media storm that followed the debate and demands across the political spectrum, including from the media, that Biden drop out of the race. That includes skepticism from Brzezinski’s cohost and husband Joe Scarborough. Eklly said nobody is “enjoying watching this” but wondered if Biden will listen to the many people, also including donors, asking him to step away.

“We are officially halfway through 2024… and the big question is whether President Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee by the end of this week,” Kelly said. “We know the media revolt against him is well underway. Paper after paper is suddenly reporting on the story that has been obvious to just about everyone with eyes and ears for months, and let’s be honest, years now. Joe Biden is struggling and his age has caught up with him. It’s not a pleasant story to report on. No one’s enjoying watching this.”

Kelly didn’t just come for the president during Monday’s episode, but also First Lady Dr. Jill Biden — going so far as to say she’s “not a real doctor,” alluding to the fact that her doctorate is not medical but in education — and her Vogue magazine cover. She said the first lady was there for her own “power” and not to support the president.

“She’s power hungry,” Kelly said. “She’s like a Hillary Clinton. She’s not a Laura Bush. She’s not a Melania Trump. She’s not somebody who’s just there to support her husband. She seems to me like somebody who was out for her own power and can’t let go.”

The first lady has reportedly been among those advising Joe Biden to remain in the race, as well as being the president’s most trusted advisor.

Watch the full clip of Kelly on Brzezinski’s debate defense in the video at the top of this story.

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