Mehdi Hasan Exposes 'Undeniable' Danger Of Trump's Accidental Confession

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan said Donald Trump inadvertently revealed the truth about his intentions during a campaign stop in Iowa this weekend.

“Our very stable genius who brags about being able to read a prompter better than ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden even ended up accidentally telling the truth about the threat he poses to American democracy when he misread his prompter,” Hasan said, then played a clip of the former president.

“We’ve been waging an all-out war on American democracy,” Trump said.

“Yes! Yes, he has!” Hasan agreed. “And yet that fact ― that undeniable, unavoidable fact, that Trump has been waging a war on American democracy ― hasn’t been given the significance, and attention, and concern that it deserves,” he said.

MSNBC announced last week that it was canceling Hasan’s show, although he’ll remain with the network as an analyst and fill-in host.

But for now, with his show still on the air, Hasan devoted a lengthy segment to giving that “undeniable, avoidable fact” attention, and called out those who are treating next year’s election like a normal political event.

“It’s dangerous, denialist madness,” he warned. “And I’m sorry, but it ends in only one place: The end of American democracy. Don’t take my word for it. For once, take Donald Trump’s.”

See the full segment below: