Melinda Messenger 'reclaiming her life'

Melinda Messenger is putting herself first credit:Bang Showbiz
Melinda Messenger is putting herself first credit:Bang Showbiz

Melinda Messenger is “reclaiming her life”.

The 53-year-old former glamour model - who has Morgan, 24, Flynn, 22, and Evie, 20, with ex-husband Wayne Roberts- felt “limited” when she was raising her family but she has now made huge changes and is proudly embracing the ageing process and putting her needs first for a change.

She told Closer magazine: “My fifties so far have been bloody brilliant …

“I’ve gone through the stage of being a mother and raising a young family. All my attention in life so far has been about looking after everyone else’s needs.

“Now it feels like I’m reclaiming my own life. I felt somewhat limited in my 40s.”

Melinda explained she used to care too much about what other people thought of her, but now she’s decided to be more accepting of herself and it’s made her much happier.

She went on: “I’ve got rid of those limitations and shed lots of layers since then.

“I don’t fear the ageing process at all. If you keep yourself trapped in stages you’ve outgrown, it’s going to feel uncomfortable, so it’s better to embrace it.”

Melinda has ditched her signature blonde hair and embraced her greys, while she’s also switched up her diet to eat more whole foods and avoid anything that’s ultra-processed.

She’s also given up coffee and alcohol and insists it’s made a huge difference.

Melinda added: “I just feel better, stronger, calmer.”

Melinda’s confession comes after another huge life change this year when she split from her fiancé Dr Raj Joshi just months after they got engaged.

They met while she was filming 'Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins' and he was working as the show’s medic and got engaged last summer, but in February Melinda confirmed it was all over after the split story was published by a newspaper.

In a post on Instagram, she wrote: “A recent separation of mine has been shared with the newspapers by an anonymous source.

“While I initially considered ignoring it, the false information is rapidly spreading, and it’s disheartening to see my life being inaccurately portrayed. I feel my hand has been forced so it’s imperative to set the record straight.

“‘It’s important to clarify that my decision to end the relationship was not influenced but the peculiar claims made by the unnamed source, claims that those who know me would find unrecognisable.

“Rather there were entirely different reasons behind my choice [to end the relationship].”