Mercedes-Benz recalls 235,000 cars for SOS system failure

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Mercedes-Benz announced late in May that it has recalled 234,862 cars across virtually its entire lineup to address a glitch that can render its emergency call system inoperative, potentially stranding drivers in an emergency situation. A glitch in the included SIM card module can cause its security "handshake" with its wireless network to fail.

"Should this occur," Mercedes-Benz said in its recall report, "the communication module would not be able to establish a connection with a mobile phone network. In this case, the manual as well as the automatic eCall function would not be available. Therefore, the condition may preclude or delay the arrival of emergency responders. This might increase the consequences of an injury following an emergency event."

The campaign includes certain cars from the 2017-2022 model years in the CLA-Class, GLA-Class, GLE-Class, GLS-Class, SLC-Class, A-Class, AMG GT-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, SL-Class, GLC-Class, CLS-Class, GLB-Class, and G-Class — pretty much everything with a Mercedes badge. Mercedes says there will be no warning given if the system malfunctions, but fortunately these connected vehicles are also capable of receiving over-the-air (OTA) updates, which is the avenue by which Mercedes can deploy an update to address the problem.

Those who are not able to receive OTA updates for whatever reason can have an update performed at their dealers, free of charge. Mercedes will notify owners of affected vehicles by July 19.

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