Messi vs Ronaldo: Is this still an argument?

"Footballing Weekly" co-hosts Neil Humphreys and Chia Han Keong have no doubts over the debate between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the football GOAT (greatest of all time).

Video transcript

NEIL HUMPHREYS: The question I get most when I visit schools in Singapore-- it's become a thing, now-- Messi or Ronaldo? Oh. And it's from kids who weren't even born when they were at their peak. But it's just become this thing. Messi or Ronaldo?

I always say Messi. And then I say, what do you say? If they say Ronaldo, I say to them, is there something wrong with you? Seriously. Is there something wrong with you?

No disrespect-- but it is disrespectful-- picking Ronaldo over Messi is like having Michelangelo here and the guy who paints 100 HDB flats here--

CHIA HAN KEONG: Oh, my god.

NEIL HUMPHREYS: And picking the HDB flat guy because he paints faster than Michelangelo. They are completely different skill sets. What Michelangelo did was genius. What Messi does is genius. Ronaldo just does something really well over and over and over.

CHIA HAN KEONG: If you still think this way after Messi won the World Cup, I have nothing to say. What else to say? I don't have nothing else.

NEIL HUMPHREYS: Messi has seen off his generation of Ronaldo, and Kaka, and all those guys. He's also seen off the next generation. He's seen off Neymar. And would make a case he's virtually seen off the next generation, which is Mbappe. Because Mbappe hasn't lived up anywhere near the potential of Messi. Don't say any more. There's Messi, and there's everyone else.

CHIA HAN KEONG: Everyone else.