Met Office predicts when snow will hit the UK

The Met Office has predicted when snow will hit the UK this week as the first cold snap of the year continues.

Wintry showers will bring the possibility of snow on higher ground across northern England and Scotland later today, while there is the possibilty of “more significant snowfall” across the south later in the week, the forecaster said.

Monday will be a cloudy and damp start to the week after parts of Scotland, northern England, and Wales saw temperatures dropping below freezing.

Bouts of rain will lash Wales and southwest England clearing southwards, followed by brighter skies. Parts of Scotland and northeast England will be hit by showers, along with strong winds.

The showers will continue into the night across the north and east, but the rest of the region will be dry with clear spells. "Turning cold under the clear skies with a frost developing, mainly in the north," the Met Office predicted.

Temperatures are expected to remain above freezing on Monday, reaching only 5C or 6C for most parts but will become more pleasant in the west and south west around 12C.

The weather will turn sunny for many places with restricted showers near the coasts that could potentially move inland.

The Met Office forecast Wednesday to be sunny with some showers around the coastal areas, while Thursday and Friday will be cold with wintry showers in the north and some rain, possibly hill snow, in the south.

“At present, the most likely outcome beyond mid-week is that rain from the west slowly moves east, with snow possible over higher ground, and a continued risk of showers over eastern parts,” predicted Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Dan Harris.

“However, there is a chance that a more active weather system arrives from the southwest, which would bring more widespread rain, stronger winds, and the potential for more significant snowfall should the air over the UK become sufficiently cold ahead of it.”

These outbreaks of rain will gradually spread from Northern Ireland and south-west England to the southern half of the country as Sunday progresses. It will be cloudy elsewhere with the best of the sunshine coming in central Scotland.