Meta set to delete all Oculus account data by end of March

In an email sent to users, Meta announced that it will be deleting all Oculus accounts and the data associated with them by the end of the month.

Users are instructed to migrate their Oculus account to a Meta account by March 29, or else they won’t be able to reactivate or retrieve apps, in-app purchases, store credits and more. Achievements, friends lists and any created content with the Oculus account will also be lost, the email says, according to The Verge.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, began requiring new users to sign up for the virtual reality (VR) device with Facebook accounts instead. It later added the ability to create a Meta account in 2022, as it continued its efforts to move users away from Oculus accounts.

The company stopped allowing users to log in to their Oculus accounts in January 2023, the outlet reported.

“If your Oculus account is deleted you will no longer be able to use Meta Quest with your Oculus account and you won’t be able to reactivate or retrieve anything from the account,” Meta’s email said.

Users can follow instructions on Meta’s website to migrate their account information, but they must use the same email address associated with both a Meta and Oculus account when making the move of data.

Oculus was a virtual reality company founded in 2012 and later acquired by Facebook, now Meta, in 2014. The Oculus VR device was then rebranded as Meta Quest, which now has newer generation devices.

The email to users emphasizes Meta’s commitment to transitioning to new technology. Just days ago, CEO Mark Zuckerberg partnered with LG Electronics to expand the company’s extended reality and artificial intelligence ambitions for new devices for consumers.

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