‘Mexican Gothic’ Is No Longer Being Optioned at Hulu, Author Says: ‘No Show Will Be Made’

Author Silvia Moreno-Garcia revealed on Tuesday that Hulu did not renew the option to her novel “Mexican Gothic,” which the streamer optioned shortly after it was published in 2020.

“Hulu did not renew the option for ‘Mexican Gothic,’ so no show will be made. I appreciate the hard work of everyone in trying to bring it to the screen. Hopefully it gets adapted in the future,” Moreno-Garcia wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

The series was originally going to be produced by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Moreno-Garcia told Entertainment Weekly in 2020 that Ripa was one of an estimated dozen people bidding to adapt the novel. “[Ripa] read it and she was very interested and very eager to talk to me,” the author said at the time.

“She found the story very creepy and different,” she said of Ripa. “This was a special case where a woman connected with the book who got a lot of people involved that ended up coming into the deal like Hulu. She really was instrumental in that deal. There was a lot of interest, as I said before, but I really liked my conversations with her and her husband.”

“Mexican Gothic” is set in 1950s Mexico City and follows anthropology student Noemí Taboada, who investigates when her cousin Catalina suspects her English husband, Virgil Doyle, of poisoning her. Noemí arrives at the mysterious, isolated Doyle home and finds family secrets going back decades.

No one had been cast, but Moreno-Garcia said, “Obviously want a lead who is Latin American to play Noemi and not someone [from a different culture].” She also said that she wanted “screenwriters, production people, directors, who understand where the story is coming from … to create this very specific world from the story.”

Moreno-Garcia’s other novels include “Daughter of Doctor Moreau” and “Silver Nitrate.” Her work has been compared to that of “Rebecca”and “The Birds” author Daphne Du Maurier and Oscar-winning Mexican writer/director Guillermo del Toro.

She urged fans to look for her next novel, “The Seventh Veil of Salome,” which hits bookshelves in August.

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