Michael Caine, 90, says ‘younger wives’ are one of three ‘secrets’ to a long life

Sir Michael Caine has shared his three “secrets” for living a long life.

The 90-year-old actor can next be seen opposite the late Glenda Jackson in the drama film The Great Escaper. In the movie, Caine plays a World War II veteran who breaks out of his British care home to attend the D-Day celebrations in France.

In an interview with the Daily Mail promoting the film, Caine was asked what he thought was the key to a long life.

“Younger wives, no snacking and wear trainers at all times,” he said. “And you have to be careful not to fall down.”

Caine has been married to former actor and fashion model Shakira Caine (formerly Shakira Baksh), since 1973. She is 76 years old, 14 years Caine’s junior.

Elsewhere in the interview, Caine gave his thoughts on everything from national service to intimacy co-ordinators.

The actor said he thought that mandatory national service should be reinstated for young people.

Caine completed national service in the military himself, serving in Iserlohn, West Germany in the aftermath of World War II and seeing action in Korea.

“I think every young man should be made to do it,” he said. “It truly makes a man of you.”

Michael Caine pictured on 20 September 2023 (Getty Images)
Michael Caine pictured on 20 September 2023 (Getty Images)

He added: “I only became an actor after I left the army. I did rep for nine years then got a movie and was like, ‘f*** this! I love films more.’ I liked the money and all.”

Later in the interview, Caine offered his thoughts on intimacy co-ordinators – specialists who are employed on film and TV sets to help ensure the comfort and consent of performers while filming scenes involving sex or other intimate behaviour.

The practice is now commonplace across the industry, but has attracted criticism from actors including Sir Ian McKellen and Sean Bean, who have argued that they negatively impact the acting process.

Asked about intimacy co-ordinators, Caine responded: “Really? Seriously? What are they? We never had that in my day.

“Thank god I’m 90 and don’t play lovers anymore is all I can say. In my day you just did the love scene and got on with it without anyone interfering. It’s all changed.”

Earlier this week, a leading intimacy co-ordinator who worked on Netflix’s Sex Education addressed criticisms of the profession, stating that he “understands” why actors may be reluctant to embrace their presence on set.

The Great Escaper is out in cinemas on 6 October.