Michelin to launch new guide for Guangzhou, China, home of Cantonese cuisine

Cantonese dim sum

Guangzhou, China's third largest city after Beijing and Shanghai, also known as Canton, is getting its own Michelin guide in 2018. 

The decision to dedicate an entire guide to the capital of Guangdong Province is a no-brainer, given its rich culinary heritage and worldwide presence: The most familiar type of Chinese cuisine for consumers around the world is of the Cantonese variety, with ubiquitous dishes like beef and broccoli stir fry, spare ribs with black bean sauce, sweet and sour chicken, chow mein, char siu barbecued pork, and dim sum. 

The Michelin guide for Guangzhou will mark the brand's 31st selection, and 7th guide in Asia, excluding Japan. 

The latest addition is part of an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at cementing Michelin's presence in Asia: This week, the brand launched their first guide for Bangkok, Thailand, an increasingly popular food destination among globetrotters. 

In recent years, the brand has also launched new guides for Seoul, South Korea, Singapore and Shanghai.