Microsoft, please, enough with the ads — For once, I'm not experiencing FOMO with these new additions for Edge Insiders

 Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs.
Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs.

What you need to know

  • Edge Canary users recently flagged a Copilot-themed ad on their browser.

  • The ad indicates that Copilot will help promote efficient Settings for your browsing experience.

  • The banner highlights several ways to use Copilot in Edge Canary, including navigating your browsing history, bookmarking tabs, and more.

Microsoft recently shipped a new update for Edge Canary, bumping it to version 125.0.2520.0. The update shipped the usual bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Strangely, the update also features an unpopular change/improvement. Microsoft Edge sleuth Leo Varela on X (formerly Twitter) spotted that Microsoft has seemingly started testing Copilot-themed ads on Edge Canary via the new update for Edge Insiders.

Per the screenshots shared, the ad promotes "Copilot for more efficient Settings" and recommends multiple ways to use the tool to enhance and improve your browsing experience, including managing passwords, navigating through your browsing history, bookmarking tabs, and more. Part of Microsoft's description of an AI PC includes the integration of a Copilot button into the keyboard. We already have more than enough ways to launch the services in Windows 11.

There's also an "Ask Copilot" button that launches the service when you click on it. Microsoft wants more people using Copilot. A few weeks ago, Microsoft started testing a new option to launch Copilot like a genie on your Windows 11 PC if you tickle the taskbar icon with your mouse cursor. The company is also testing a new update for Windows 11 that changes how users access notifications on tablets. The feature launches Copilot instead of letting you go through your missed notifications.

I neither have nor want the new Copilot ad

Copilot Pro on Windows
Copilot Pro on Windows

I have the Microsoft Edge Canary app installed on my PC, and it runs on the latest version. However, I didn't see the Copilot ad while navigating the settings. I have Edge Canary installed as it grants me "early" access to neat features Microsoft is testing with limited Edge Insiders. You know, for the FOMO.

Microsoft uses Edge Canary to test new features with a limited number of users before shipping them to general availability. Navigating Settings or bookmarking tabs using Copilot seems like a huge hassle compared to doing it yourself.

How useful do users find Copilot AI? According to a recent Windows Central poll, most readers (54.6%) who participated indicated that they never use Copilot.

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