Millions of Samsung Galaxy S23 users just got a sweet free software upgrade

 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

We all love getting something for free, and if you're reading this and use a Samsung Galaxy S23 series device, chances are you just have. That's because a major update has just been made available for users in a host of new territories.

The One UI 6 beta program opened late last week, offering users the chance to test out the latest version of Samsung's software before it gets a public release. The new operating system runs on the latest Android 14 software, with a few additional lashings of Samsung flair for good measure.

Previously, the beta software was only available to users in the USA, South Korea and Germany. But now, users in China, India, Poland and the UK can also get access.

It's a great upgrade. While there's not really a headline feature upgrade this time out, it does come with a suite of smaller changes which should add up to a decent boost for users.

Among the most notable features are a new back arrow for easier navigation. That hovers on the left-hand side of the screen, and should give users a better idea of whether they're heading back a single page, or to the home screen – something which hasn't always been abundantly clear, before now. There are also upgrades to accessibility features, more detailed control for media sharing and more.

On top of that, Samsung have had some fun with things. There's a new default font, which will likely be the most noticeable change. They've also redesigned the quick panel, and made it easier to access the panel in a hurry.

The new update means that users with a base model S23, a Samsung Galaxy S23+ or a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can gain access to the new operating system. Don't panic if you're still using an older Samsung phone, either.

Generally, the brand debut the beta access on their most recent device range, before moving on to older, supported handsets. It may take a little longer – generally the roll out happens over the space of a few weeks – but you'll get the same opportunity before long.

If you'd prefer to wait for the full public release, you can. There's currently no date set in stone for that to be released, with Samsung only saying that it will come out after feedback from the beta is implemented.