Miniature horse turns up as passenger on airplane

Claire Roberts
Adorned with a blue-starred head cover, there will be ‘neigh’ problems on this flight with a minature horse onboard. — Picture from Twitter/passengershame

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 — A posting of a horse in an airplane is making its rounds on social media. Yes, you read that right.

A horse.

The Miniature Horse was spotted on an American plane recently in the economy area.

Racking up over 900 comments and over 7,000 likes on the Instagram page @Passangershaming saw many people surprised and confused about the animal.

Passenger Shaming provides the explanation that miniature horses can be registered as service animals in America.

Warning that the horse in question isn’t just a horse but a “legitimate, highly-trained service animal used for the blind etc.”

People in the comments have shared their dismay at the animal being on the flight.

“Yes, but if you need to have a miniature horse by your side in order to fly on a commercial airline, perhaps another mode of travel will better suit you,” one user commented followed by a bunch of horse emojis.

“Is this real? Did anyone try to pass a baby elephant as an ESA,” another user commented.

American Airlines lists their support animal details as cats, dog and miniature horses.

All other animals most comply with the US Department of Transportation requirements.

Animals must be able to fit at passenger’s feet, under their seat or in their lap, with final approval of the animal happening at the airport.

Miniature horses can range from 15 to 22 inches tall, around the same size as a large Golden Retriever another common service dog.

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