'Miss S-hook' is so popular she has to make police report against copycat Facebook pages

“Ah lian” saleswoman Lerine Yeo has made a police report over copycat Facebook pages. (IMAGES: Joanne Ng/Facebook)

You know you’re hot property when people are rushing to copy your business model.

Singapore’s breakout celebrity fashion saleswoman, Lerine Yeo, has made a police report after copycat pages using the same name as her online apparel store surfaced on Facebook.

The 30-year-old entrepreneur, who set up her Misshopper Boutique brand in March, shot to fame last week after hilarious videos surfaced of her Facebook Live streams where she promotes her goods to customers in her trademark “ah lian” style.

But on Tuesday (25 September), Yeo wrote on Facebook:

Hi all, a police report has been lodged 25sept at 00:51am, my taglines and photos have been used on the other page. Kindly spread the word and take note. I am not related to the other 2 page as below. Be careful cos it might be a scam. If you need clarification pm me.

Kindly help spread the word and report the fake accounts.

Thank you and much appreciated (sic).

She also posted a photo showing two other Facebook pages using the name “Misshopper Boutique”.

In the first viral video shared by a Joanne Ng on Facebook last Thursday, Yeo attempts to sell a $9 black top with holes in it (with a straight face) by demonstrating how customers can hang all sorts of items from the clothing using “S-hooks” – items including umbrellas, chicken rice, wanton mee, fish from the market, EZ-link cards, and pens.

The video, peppered with dialect and colourful Singlish terms, has been viewed a whopping 1.8 million times, liked more than 10,000 times, and shared more than 32,000 times as of Tuesday evening.

In a subsequent video, Yeo is seen warning against female customers buying too short a dress, or else risk exposing their lady parts – what she calls “luncheon meat” and “seaweed”.

In yet another video, she advises customers to check the length of their husband’s penises in case the boxer shorts she sells doesn’t fit them.

Yeo said on her Facebook page that she is shocked by the attention she has received. Her larger-than-life personality has also spawned a host of memes online.

Meme of Misshopper Boutique’s “ah lian” Facebook Live saleswoman, Lerine Yeo.

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