Miss A's Suzy denies plastic surgery

Miss A's Suzy denies plastic surgery

30 Nov – After a rumour about plastic surgery spread like wildfire due to a 'confession' on a reality show, Miss A's Suzy decided to address it.

According to K-popexpress website, the singer was said to have made a confession about having performed a plastic surgery, during the filming of KBS "Invincible Youth 2".

The misunderstanding then spread through the Internet and many speculations were made in regards to the surgery.

However, it was later revealed that what Suzy had undergone was in fact dental laminates (porcelain laminates) and not plastic surgery.

On the 26 November episode of the show, the members openly spoke about their insecurities on their looks and Suzy complained about her baby hair on her forehead.

Ye-won later stated, "I got dental laminates from a recommendation by a fellow entertainer. (Entertainer) Boom keeps teasing me that I have big teeth and that is my problem with my looks."

Suzy tried to make Ye-won feel better by telling her, her own story, "I got laminates on two of my teeth as well. It's done already so you should just try to be satisfied with it".

So while an insider probably handed the scoop to a reporter, the story got twisted and eventually became a story about Suzy's plastic surgery confession.