Mobile Legends: RSG Philippines emerge as favorites heading into MSC 2022 playoffs

Group photo of RRQ Philippines, early favorites for the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2022. (Photo: MOONTON Games)
RSG Philippines have emerged as early favourites at the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2022 after they topped Group B with a 2-0 record, becoming the only team with a perfect Group Stage run in the tournament. (Photo: MOONTON Games)

The Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022 Group Stage concluded on Sunday (12 June), with eight teams securing their spots in the Playoffs while four others were eliminated early.

Mobile Legends Pro League (MPL) Philippines Season 9 champions RSG Philippines have emerged as early favorites in the tournament as they were the only team to manage a perfect run in the Group Stage, taking the top seed of Group B.

Meanwhile, MPL Indonesia powerhouse ONIC Esports were surprisingly knocked out early after getting upset by Myanmar's Falcon Esports in a 2-0 sweep over in Group A.

Here's a recap of all the action in the MSC 2022 Group Stage:

Group A:

Group A was arguably the most stacked group of the tournament, as it featured MPL Malaysia Season 9 champions TODAK, MPL Indonesia Season 9 runners-up ONIC Esports, and Myanmar qualifier winners Falcon Esports.

But even so, many predicted that TODAK and ONIC would be the ones to qualify for the Playoffs.

Falcon Esports did not care for predictions, however, as they forced a commendable 1-1 tie against TODAK in Group A's opening match before scoring a resounding 2-0 sweep over ONIC. TODAK and ONIC then split their match, 1-1, afterwards.

As a result, Falcon Esports took the first seed of Group A with a 3-1 record while TODAK took the second seed with a 2-2 record. ONIC bowed out of MSC 2022 much earlier than expected with a 1-3 record.

Group A results:

  • Falcon Esports 1-1 TODAK

  • Falcon Esports 2-0 ONIC Esports

  • TODAK 1-1 ONIC Esports

Qualified for Playoffs: Falcon Esports, TODAK; Eliminated: ONIC Esports

Group B:

Group B featured the two RSG squads for the Philippines and Singapore as well as MPL Cambodia Spring runners-up See You Soon.

RSG PH were quick to establish themselves as favourites after they soundly swept both See You Soon and their Singaporean counterparts. Without much fuss, the MPL PH Season 9 champions claimed their spot in the Playoffs with the only perfect 2-0 run in the MSC 2022 Group Stage.

Group B was not without controversy, however, as See You Soon and RSG SG split their match and ended up tied for the second seed with 1-3 records apiece.

Instead of having the two teams play a tiebreaker match, the MSC 2022's tiebreaker rules instead favored the team that won their games faster, had more kills, and took down more towers.

RSG SG took just 15 minutes to take game one of their match against See You Soon, who took 18 minutes to win game two. As a result, RSG SG claimed the second seed of Group B.

Group B results:

  • RSG PH 2-0 See You Soon

  • RSG SG 1-1 See You Soon

  • RSG PH 2-0 RSG SG

Qualified for Playoffs: RSG PH, RSG SG; Eliminated: See You Soon

Group C:

Group C was another stacked group, featuring MPL ID Season 9 champions RRQ Hoshi, MPL PH Season 9 runners-up Omega Esports, and Mekong qualifier winners IDONOTSLEEP Esports.

Despite being the group's underdogs, IDONOTSLEEP Esports had a promising start as they managed a 1-1 tie against Omega Esports. However, the Thai squad's hopes were dashed after they got swept 2-0 by RRQ Hoshi.

The group's pivotal third match then saw Omega Esports bounce back and force a 1-1 tie against RRQ Hoshi.

With those results, RRQ Hoshi claimed the first seed of Group C with a 3-1 record while Omega Esports took the second seed with a 2-2 record. IDONOTSLEEP Esports bowed out after finishing with a 1-3 line.

Group C results:

  • Omega Esports 1-1 IDONOTSLEEP Esports

  • RRQ Hoshi 2-0 IDONOTSLEEP Esports

  • RRQ Hoshi 1-1 Omega Esports

Qualified for Playoffs: RRQ Hoshi, Omega Esports; Eliminated: IDONOTSLEEP Esports

Group D:

Finally, Group D was comprised of MPL MY Season 9 runners-up Orange Esports, MPL SG Season 3 runners-up EVOS SG, and MPL Cambodia Spring champions Impunity KH.

Despite being the favourites to top the group, Orange Esports stumbled in their opening match and were forced to a 1-1 tie with Impunity KH. However, the Malaysian squad managed to bounce back and sweep EVOS SG, 2-0, in the next match.

EVOS SG had their backs against the wall as they faced Impunity KH, but the Singaporeans proved themselves up to the challenge as they swept the MPL Cambodia champions.

As a result, Orange Esports ended up as the first seed of Group D with a 3-1 record while EVOS SG took the second seed with a 2-2 record. Impunity KH were eliminated with a 1-3 record.

Group D results:

  • Orange Esports 1-1 Impunity KH

  • Orange Esports 2-0 EVOS SG

  • EVOS SG 2-0 Impunity KH

Qualified for Playoffs: Orange Esports, EVOS SG; Eliminated: Impunity KH

(Photo: MOONTON Games)
(Photo: MOONTON Games)

With the conclusion of the Group Stage, MSC 2022 will take a one-day break on Monday (13 June) before the competition resumes with the Playoffs on Tuesday (14 June).

The MSC 2022 Playoffs will be a double-elimination bracket, with all the qualified teams will starting in the upper bracket. The first round of the upper bracket will be a best-of-three, after which all matches except the grand finals will be a best-of-five. The grand finals on Sunday (19 June) will be a best-of-seven series.

Here are the matchups for the first round of the upper bracket, determined by randow draw:

  • RSG Philippines vs Falcon Esports

  • RSG Singapore vs Orange Esports

  • TODAK vs Omega Esports

  • RRQ Hoshi vs EVOS SG

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