‘Moment of the night’: Viewers mock Nadine Dorries as she clashes with panelists on Channel 4’s election show

Viewers who tuned into Channel 4’s general election coverage have described Nadine Dorries’ interactions with panelists as the “moment of the night”.

Ms Dorries branded former Tony Blair spin doctor Alastair Campbell "sexist" after he told her she needs to “get over” Boris Johnson.

The fiery clash began when the panel were discussing who was responsible for the Conservative Party’s historic defeat.

Mr Campbell told the former culture secretary, who is one of Mr Johnson’s most outspoken supporters, she needs “get over” the former prime minister.

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Ms Dorries responded: “Actually I find that to be quite a sexist comment!”

Mr Campbell replied: "It really isn't, you seem to think Boris Johnson is still an electoral asset. Rishi Sunak wheeling him out on the eve of the election was one of his many mistakes."

In a separate interaction, Ms Dorries revealed she received a text from Mr Johnson but refused to divulge his thoughts.

She then tried to shift the focus when asked if Mr Johnson was "watching you on Channel 4", asking, "why don't you talk to Alistair about Tony Blair?"

Moments later Emily Maitlis, who is hosting the Channel 4 general election coverage alongside Krishnan Guru-Murthy, appeared to struggle not to roll her eyes at one of Ms Dorries’ answers.

One viewer said on X: "I’ve got #channel4 and #BBC on at the same time and I’m sorry but our Nads getting ripped into by Alistair Campbell is brilliant."

Another said: "20 minutes into C4’s coverage and Alistair Campbell is telling Nadine Dorries to get over Boris Johnson & she’s accused him of making a sexist comment, long night ahead."

Other viewers were not as impressed by the clashes.

One posted on X: “Get rid of her. Totally ruining your coverage. We’re not watching to watch her constantly argue with people”

Another viewer added: “She’s constantly talking over others and not saying anything of substance. Cant stand her!”

This comes as Labour is on course for one of the biggest Commons majorities in history with the official exit poll pointing to a crushing defeat for the Tories.

Sir Keir Starmer’s party is expected to win 410 seats while Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives are set to fall to 131 seats, down from 365 five years ago when Boris Johnson secured a 80-seat majority.