More than 200 kidney stones removed in one hour from single patient in India

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Representational: Kidney stones can be incredibly painful and cause infections (Getty)
Representational: Kidney stones can be incredibly painful and cause infections (Getty)

At least 206 kidney stones were removed by doctors from the organs of a 56-year-old man in an hour in India’s southern Telangana state.

The man from Hyderabad city was reportedly suffering from severe pain on the left side of his groin for six months.

The increasing heat reportedly exacerbated the man’s pain.

Doctors at the city’s Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital removed the stones from the man through a laparoscopy or keyhole surgery – a procedure that allows a surgeon to access the inside of the abdomen and pelvis without having to make large incisions in the skin.

The patient was using locally prescribed medication that provided him short-term relief. The pain, however, continued to impact his daily routine, doctors said.

Kidney stones, or nephrolithiasis, are caused when waste products in the blood form crystals which build up and become stone-like lumps.

“Certain initial investigations and ultrasound scan revealed presence of multiple left renal caliculi [kidney stones on the left side], and the same was reconfirmed with CT scan,” said Dr Poola Naveen Kumar, a senior consultant urologist at the hospital.

“The patient was counselled and prepped for a keyhole surgery that lasted for an hour, during which all caliculi [stones] were removed, which amounted to 206 in number.”

The patient was discharged a day later after recovering from the procedure.

Doctors have advised people to consume more water and stay hydrated to avoid the buildup of kidney stones amid India’s heatwave.

In 2018, doctors at a Delhi hospital removed 856 kidney stones from a single 45-year-old patient through keyhole surgery.

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