‘Morning Joe’ Hammers Donald Trump’s ‘Shark vs. Electrocution’ Speech: ‘What a Loon’ | Video

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” torched a meandering speech Donald Trump gave over the weekend in which he rambled about making the choice between a shark attack and electrocution, with co-hosts calling him a “loon” and noting how often he veers off track while speaking on the campaign trail.

During a campaign speech in Las Vegas, Trump’s teleprompter appeared to stop working and he instead spoke about a bizarre visit to an electric boat builder in South Carolina wherein he asked whether he would be electrocuted if a boat sank – and whether he should jump out if there was a shark in the water.

After playing a clip of the speech, co-host Joe Scarborough said, “One of the tells on just how crazy he was was looking at the people that had driven hours to be there, put on their Trump hats, and through the whole time, they’re going like this, looking at each other in the background, going, what’s exactly going on here?”

“This is why the Biden campaign has been desperate to get Donald Trump out of a courtroom where he has to be quiet and on the campaign trail where they can hear him,” Scarborough continued. “Trump spews an hour of bizarre non-sequiturs, and he’s been doing it for years.”

Scarborough added that if “Joe Biden had given one of those speeches, it’d be on the front page of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal.”

“Definitely The Wall Street Journal,” co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in.

Scarborough claimed that the media is “trying to make Biden look old and demented,” while “Trump does it every day on the campaign trail and people just laugh.”

“That’s the political world we’re living in in 2024,” he said.

“He does it enough and for so long and so consistently, that people sort of get numb to it,” Willie Geist noted.

Geist also highlighted the part in Trump’s speech where he referenced his connection to M.I.T., which just boils down to the fact that “his uncle worked at M.I.T. in the 1940s.”

“He knows it is prestigious, knows it sounds smart, it was his uncle 80 years ago,” Geist said.

Scarborough, who couldn’t help but crack up at Trump’s attempt to connect himself to M.I.T., said “What a loon.”

“He is a loon,” Brzezinski said.

That was just the latest and perhaps one of the most extreme examples of something that happens … every time he steps on a stage,” Geist said.

“So if you really think that Joe Biden is the one losing it, pour yourself a drink, sit back and watch that performance in Las Vegas over the weekend,” the co-host added.

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