‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Lauren Boebert for ‘Explicitly Groping’ at ‘Beetlejuice’: Not Usually ‘Known for Reaching Across the Aisle’ (Video)

Not only was Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert indeed vaping and using her phone’s flash at a local production of “Beetlejuice,” but she was also seen getting pretty, uh, hands-on with her male companion for the evening. And MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” crew got a huge kick out of that, considering she’s not known for “reaching across the aisle.”

Playing the security footage a few times on Monday’s episode of the show, host Jonathan Lemire prefaced the video with the irony of the situation, reminding viewers that Boebert “has long railed on the House floor that the left is grooming children by exposing them to what she calls obscene content, in reference to things like drag performances for children and the use of LGBTQ inclusive flashcards to teach colors to students.”

Lemire then immediately followed up with the fact that Boebert and her companion were caught “explicitly groping each other repeatedly.” When host Joe Scarborough asked Lemire to more precisely define that “explicit groping,” Lemire came up with an analogy.

“Lauren Boebert is not one known for reaching across the aisle in Congress,” he mocked. “But there was some of that here with her male companion, a lot of — let’s say they were handsy in their behavior.”

Indeed, in the footage, Boebert’s companion for the show appears to be grabbing her chest at one point.

In the days following Boebert’s removal from the show by security — something she was pretty mad about in the moment, as “Morning Joe” also reminded viewers that she gave the middle finger to several ushers on her way out — she has since apologized for the behavior that led to her dismissal, after she was proven to be initially lying about it by the footage, saying she “simply fell short of my values.”

You can watch the full discussion from “Morning Joe” in the video above.

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