The Morning Show star confirms absence from season 3

The Morning Show season 3 won't be bringing back Desean Terry as Daniel Henderson in any capacity.

Terry himself delivered this eyebrow-raising news over on Instagram in a video, just as the Apple TV+ drama returns for another batch of episodes – with added Jon Hamm.

"Some of y'all have reached out because you were anticipating seeing more of my work on this project that I've worked on," said the actor from his home. "I can't say too much about anything because of the stipulation of the SAG-AFTRA strike, because I support my union and everything we're fighting for.

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"I did want to come on here and confirm for y'all that no, you will not be seeing that character this season," Terry went on to confirm.

"I'm disappointed about it as well, but I'm really grateful that there are folks who reached out who felt seen by that role and narrative."

The one-time Grey's Anatomy cast member also urged his fellow unionists to keep "diversity and inclusion top-of-mind so that we can see more characters and narratives like that one" in the future.

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Terry's post, which had a disabled comment section, included this caption: "We need more complex and diverse characters on screen, so it's always disheartening to see one that we love disappear.

"But rest assured, there's more to come! My creative journey is ongoing and purposeful."

September marks the third month in which SAG-AFTRA stars have picketed the streets of Hollywood, while their WGA counterparts are now five months into their own strike.

The Morning Show seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Apple TV+.

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