This Morning's Alison Hammond and Josie Gibson get the giggles over penis story

this mornings alison hammond and josie gibson
This Morning stars get giggles over penis storyITV

This Morning presenters Alison Hammond and Josie Gibson got the giggles on the show's latest episode while discussing a penis story.

The two stars were conducting a roundtable chat with show regulars Gyles Brandreth and Tom Swarbrick today (June 14) when Josie brought up a study on global penis sizes.

"I've got some really good news for all the ladies out there," Josie began. "Now I'm not too sure about the data on this, but British penis sizes have grown by almost 10 per cent in just two years, a global study finds."

josie gibson, alison hammond, this morning

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The presenter admitted she gets "really blushy when [she talks] about things like this," as Alison echoed her feelings.

Tom and Giles then jokingly shook hands, as Josie noted that the study "does say that the Italians have got smaller," leading Alison to quip: "Oh poor Gino [D'Acampo]!"

"First of all lads, you're men in here," Alison went on to ask their guests. "Do you agree with this? Do you think penises have gotten bigger?"

"Giles and I have spent the morning going round with a ruler," Tom quipped, though the segment began to descend into hilarious chaos as Giles joked about an unfortunate mishap with a tape measure.

this mornings alison hammond, josie gibson, gyles brandreth and tom swarbrick

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"I'll be honest, we started… we went to maintenance first and we asked for a tape measure," he said. "They gave us one of those metallic ones that zips backwards.

"And unfortunately, Tom hasn’t had the best of mornings. It started so well, but as we stand here, one of us is ahead of the other, I'm proud to say."

The two hosts struggled to contain their laughter, as Alison referenced that unfortunate zipper scene in There's Something About Mary.

"It’s becoming more of a problem now that we've shot up the league table!" Tom joked, before Giles asked why people are fascinated by this.

this mornings alison hammond and josie gibson

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"Where did this research [come from]?" Alison then questioned. "Whose measuring these penises?

"Because ultimately, I think this is self-assessed, self-reported data, so wouldn’t it be men exaggerating?" she added, as Tom quipped that men would "never" do such a thing.

"I don’t think it needs to be that big though, I think it's about what you do with it," Alison went on to joke as Josie blushed, before the group were luckily timed out by a whistle.

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