Moskowitz: Greene ‘doesn’t have the votes to rename a post office,’ let alone to oust Johnson

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) on Friday said fellow Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) “doesn’t have the votes to rename a post office,” let alone those to oust Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.).

“I mean, Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t have the votes,” Moskowitz said on “CNN News Central” to anchor John Berman. “She doesn’t have the votes to remove the Speaker. She doesn’t have the votes to rename a post office.”

Greene filed a motion to oust Johnson as Speaker in late March. She later explained her reason behind doing so in a letter to colleagues, which included the Louisiana Republican’s handling of government funding and Ukraine aid.

“I will not tolerate our elected Republican Speaker Mike Johnson serving the Democrats and the Biden administration and helping them achieve their policies that are destroying our country,” Greene said. “He is throwing our own razor-thin majority into chaos by not serving his own GOP conference that elected him.”

“With so much at stake for our future and the future of our children, I will not tolerate this type of Republican ‘leadership,’” she later added. “This has been a complete and total surrender to, if not complete and total lockstep with, the Democrats’ agenda that has angered our Republican base so much and given them very little reason to vote for a Republican House majority.”

In the CNN interview, Moskowitz said he is “never going to allow Marjorie Taylor Greene to stand in the well of the people’s house and give a speech to remove a Speaker, which then would elevate her, power-wise, in the House.”

“So, if that motion were to come, by Marjorie Taylor Greene, there’s no way that I will sit by and let her do that,” Moskowitz continued.

If Greene were to succeed with a motion to oust Johnson, it would be the second time in less than a year that a GOP Speaker has been kicked out of the role. Johnson ascended to his current position after former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was ousted in October of last year.

The Hill has reached out to Greene’s office.

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