The most annoying ascension materials to farm in Genshin Impact (for now)

You may think that the 50/50 or artifact RNG are your worst enemies in Genshin Impact, but one of the most challenging things in the game is actually building the character you’ve pulled for.

Not only can it be painstakingly long to farm for character ascension materials from bosses, some materials are so elusive it’s almost impossible to get all of them on the map!

We’ve decided to list down the five most annoying (and hated) ascension materials to get.

If you're wondering why I did this, it's because it took me 60 hours to find enough Scarabs to get my Cyno to max ascension, so this is an article that was written out of pure fatigue and spite (just kidding, maybe?).

Qingxin (Liyue)

(Photos: HoYoverse)
(Photos: HoYoverse)

Used by: Ganyu, Shenhe, Xiao

This white flower may be beautiful, but with it growing in the peaks of Liyue's mountains, Qingxin can be a huge hassle to farm.

If you don’t have an exploration team that can help you scale mountains easily (like Xiao, Kazuha, or Venti), you’ll be stuck crawling up mountainsides to preserve what little stamina you have left just to get two or three of these in one location.

It doesn’t help either that there are currently three characters that need Qingxin to ascend. So if you’re a Ganyu, Shenhe, or Xiao main who’s waiting for their rerun and still don’t have them, you should probably start scaling those mountains now.

Wolfhook (Mondstadt)

(Photos: HoYoverse)
(Photos: HoYoverse)

Used by: Razor

Only Razor needs this Mondstadt specialty, but the Wolfhook is so few and so hidden it can be a big headache to comb through Wolvendom just to find a handful of these pesky berries.

While they’re relatively easy to find behind shrubbery and tree trunks, the Rifthounds that wander Wolvendom makes farming these quite annoying.

Violetgrass (Liyue)

(Photos: HoYoverse)
(Photos: HoYoverse)

Used by: Qiqi, Xinyan

In earlier times, Violetgrass was the community's top pick as the most troublesome local specialty to farm. And for good reason.

These pretty flowers bloom only at the mountainsides and cliff faces of Liyue. So not only are you having to constantly live on the edge (literally) trying to reach them, you also have to watch out for your stamina and constantly scale, jump, or use characters who can make life easier for you (like Kazuha or Venti).

But the catch is, Violetgrass doesn’t usually grow in clumps of two or three like Qingxin. Your mountain-climbing can more often than not lead you to only one!

So the reason why my Qiqi is only level 70? Violetgrass can be near impossible to farm comfortably.

Onikabuto (Inazuma)

(Photos: HoYoverse)
(Photos: HoYoverse)

Used by: Arataki Itto, Shikanoin Heizou

Arataki Itto’s favorite bug may be cool to look at, but they aren’t easy to farm. These beetles are sparsely scattered all over Inazuma, so finding enough to fully ascend your Itto or Heizou is a difficult task.

That's not to mention that their violet hue sometimes blends in well with the colour palette of Inazuma's landscape, so you’ll end up squinting so hard just to spot one of these in the wild.

With that said, the Watatsumi General and good doggo Gorou is a 4-star that most players should have, so having him mark out Onikabuto on the minimap is very helpful.

Scarab (Sumeru)

(Photos: HoYoverse)
(Photos: HoYoverse)

Used by: Cyno

If you don’t have Tighnari to help you spot these, be prepared for a world of pain. And even then, you’re really up for the suffering of a lifetime with these bugs.

The Scarabs are so spread out throughout the desert of Sumeru, you’ll start hallucinating trying to find these small insects. It doesn’t help either that they blend so well with the brown terrain. Twitter user @yuehu_mori perfectly summed up the feeling of finally finding a Scarab after hours of searching in a beautiful piece of art:

Another thing that makes the Scarab the most difficult and harrowing local specialty to farm is that most of them are locked behind world quests.

I'm sure you've already encountered Cyno mains with display names like “CanIHaveScarabPls” desperately trying to join your world so they can find these elusive Scarabs.

Choosing to put Scarabs at the top spot is also something very personal, being a fresh Cyno main myself. I ended up spending three days glued to my screen for nearly 18 hours each time trying to ascend my Cyno.

Here’s to hoping no other future character will need these bugs of utter torture.

Yan Ku is a full-time dog parent, part-time (gacha) gamer, and part-time writer.

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