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Movies Anywhere will soon shut down its Screen Pass content-sharing feature

You can no longer send a Screen Pass starting May 1st.

Milko via Getty Images

Movies Anywhere announced Wednesday that it’s soon shutting down Screen Pass, its movie-sharing feature launched during COVID-19 lockdowns. The Disney-owned platform didn’t provide a reason for the closure.

“As the experience continues to evolve, we want to notify you that effective May 1 users will no longer be able to use the Screen Pass feature to send a Screen Pass,” the announcement reads. “For Screen Passes sent prior to May 1, recipients will still be able to accept and finish watching the movie before their passes expire. As of June 1, the Screen Pass feature will no longer be supported.”

Screen Pass lets users send three movie passes monthly to friends or family without sharing login info. As long as you’ve redeemed a code with the service in the past six months, it lets you send a link through text, email or instant message that gives the recipient seven days to accept and 14 days to begin watching; once the movie starts, they have 72 hours to finish.

Movies Anywhere, launched in 2014, syncs digital film and television purchases across platforms like the Apple TV app, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu and Microsoft. Fortunately, the platform’s core service remains intact, but sharing your purchases with friends will soon require you to be in the same space (or explore alternate methods).