MP Tan Wu Meng praises North Koreans’ ‘diligence and discipline’ after visit to DPRK

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    “What left a deep impression was the diligence and discipline of the DPRK people, which was particularly evident from the organisation and choreography of the official Parade and the separate Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance, involving tens of thousands of people,” Tan said.
    When the alternative is death by firing squad or dying from over-exhaustion or hunger in prison camps, u will find a lot of motivation to stay alive...Go stay there and apply for NK citizenship...
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    Lapse LoL
    PAP MP Tan Wu Ment should praise the N.Korea people of having strikingly similar facial feature, social practice and language alphabets and sound to those people who live in South Korea.

    Just like another PAP MP who expressed surprise after visiting the place of worship of the few major religions that "surprised to find out that all religion has a similarity - that of teaching people to be good, to do good."
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    Spend another $16m for the 2nd meeting in Singapore
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    Why we love to associate with dictatorship? Is it because we are similar?
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    Why is SG aligning with communist state?
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    Gangsta's Paradise
    Oh dear...
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    Who is he? Never seen or heard of
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    What's Right
    3 days visit and it left u with a deep impression...I think we can get better quality people like this with this type of pay....DPRK has know to put on show for outside people...if he told me that he had stayed there for 3 months and ventured out of the capital and stay among the common people...then I would have been very impressed...
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    Maybe he should also compare his pay to his NK counterparts pay.
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    I remember him... I think a resident Attack him during meet the people session?????