Musk: SpaceX now aiming for Saturday for Starship's second flight test

SpaceX has officially pushed back the second orbital flight test of Starship by one day, to Saturday, CEO Elon Musk confirmed on X.

Rumors about the push-back started to swirl after onsite news organizations, like NASASpaceFlight, observed a massive crawler crane headed to the launch site. That machine is used to stack (and destack) Starship, so seeing one moving toward the rocket was not the most hopeful sign.

Not long after, Musk confirmed in a social media post on X that the company needs to replace a part called an actuator in one of the grid fins, which are used to control the booster as it falls back through the atmosphere to Earth.

Regulators cleared Starship for its long-awaited second launch on Wednesday, with SpaceX announcing that it would conduct the mission on Friday.