Who is the new mystery woman in Kim Jong-un’s inner circle?

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A mysterious woman has been spotted alongside North Korean leader Kim Jong-un amid speculation running rife over her identity.

The bespectaled woman, always found dressed sharply for the occasion in a crisp dark suit, could be a close aide in Mr Kim’s inner circle.

The official has been spotted carrying a large handbag and clutching on to documents. She has also passed on some of these documents – said to be speeches on different topics – to the leader at events, as per one report that cited footage released by state TV.

Speculation has emerged because the woman has not been identified by state media or any North Korean officials, despite first being spotted as early as February this year by NKNews.org.

The Seoul-based news website also pointed out that Mr Kim had two rarely-seen half sisters, Kim Sol-song and Kim Chun-song. The outlet, however, said the woman, in her 30s or 40s, appeared to be younger than what either of them could currently appear to be.

Kim Sol-song has reportedly been an active presence in the Workers’s Party of North Korea but is largely behind the scenes, the report added.

Spotted on 8 September alongside the North Korean leader at a massive outdoor concert, the mysterious official was visible in footage broadcast by state-run Korean Central Television around Mr Kim’s table at the concert.

She also stood up when Mr Kim entered the grand function with his top logistics aide Hyon Song Wol and sister Kim Yo-jong.

On the same day, the woman was also seen holding a folder which may have contained the Korean leader’s speech on revamping Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons policy at a session of the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA).

In a previous instance in July at another major outdoor concert, she was seen holding flowers given to Mr Kim, showed footage by KCTV.

She was also seen at events carrying a handbag which may have contained the leader’s daily essentials like his phone, cigarettes or medicine, according to NK News.

The North Korean leader had addressed both events last week with his wife Ri Sol Ju and gave his nuclear weapons speech at the SPA session earlier that day.

Intelligence reports on the woman’s identity have yet to surface.