NBA adds gambling to League Pass, Dante Exum's impact in Dallas & the 5 worst teams in the NBA | No Cap Room

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Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer and Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Dan Devine talk about the Cavaliers’ injury luck, the NBA’s relationship with sports gambling, Dante Exum’s journey back from Serbia and more.

On this episode of No Cap Room, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer and Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Dan Devine ignore college hoops and focus on what’s going on in the NBA.

They start with some injury news, including Donovan Mitchell’s “nasal fracture”, the overall injury luck of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a couple of young players in Detroit that were showing actual signs of improvement.

The NBA announced yesterday that they would be adding live-betting features into the NBA League Pass app, on the same day that there was a betting scandal with MLB’s most popular player, and everyone feels a little grossed out by it.

Jake recently wrote about Dante Exum, the former #5 overall pick who was chased out of the NBA and had to find his game in Spain in Serbia before signing with the Dallas Mavericks this year. He has been vital for them, and their playoff chances, and it’s mostly due to an improved jumpshot that….didn’t change at all? It’s a wonderful and heartwarming story that we’re happy to spotlight!

Jake and Dan finish the episode by going through the five worst teams in the league and trying to find something optimistic, hopeful or just interesting about each one of them. The Hornets seem to have good pieces to build around, the Pistons have a couple of young players that are turning out better than anticipated, Deni Avdija has found a little bit of offense, DeAndre Ayton has found a comfortable mattress to sleep on and the Spurs have the greatest prospect we’ve ever seen to build upon. There’s a lot to be positive about!

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