Netflix viewers argue new shark film Under Paris can rival Jaws

Despite a mixed bag of reviews, Netflix’s new shark movie Under Paris is floating to the top of the streaming giant’s latest releases thanks to rave reactions from viewers.

The shark horror film has been attempted countless times before in movies such as The Shallows, 47 Minutes Down and Deep Blue Sea.

However, these efforts have always paled in comparison to the ultimate shark horror, Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic Jaws... at least (apparently) until now.

Shared just in time for the Paris Olympic games, the Xavier Gens-directed film follows talented scientist Sophia, played by Oscar nominee Berenice Bejo, who discovers a huge shark has somehow entered the Seine river the day before the city’s renowned triathlon event.

Despite Sophia’s attempt to alert the authorities of the bloodbath that could occur, her concerns are overlooked, leading to utter chaos and catastrophe at the competition.

Viewers have taken to social media platform X to share enthusiasm for the French film with spectators calling it a “must watch” and “shockingly good movie”.


One viewer wrote, “it’s basically Jaws in Paris! Seriously, that’s the whole pitch. And it’s played completely straight, without camp in that classy French way.

A second watcher agreed, commenting: “Under Paris is a blast! Great set pieces, environmental issues and smart Jaws homages”.

Another viewer added, ”Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a Netflix original this much. Fun, slightly preposterous scenario, solid performances, ecological concerns and some genuinely awesome effects work.”

One fan commended the film’s production quality, writing on X/Twitter: “Remarkable, really luscious hi-def(intion) digital images with an almost sculptural use of light”.

Others praised the movie’s ecological themes, represented through the character of environmental activist Mika.

 (Sofie Gheysens/Netflix)
(Sofie Gheysens/Netflix)

However, some viewers were less excited by the film’s storytelling and special effects, finding it murky at times and claiming that the picture lacked originality.

One unimpressed watcher remarked: “Bad. Not as campy as Sharknado. Not as good as The Deep Blue Sea. Not as smart as The Shallows. Not as original as Bait”.

Among the raves, however, many seemed to take issue with the movie’s ambigious ending.

One fan complained: “Wasted my one hour on this, the ending is zero out of 10.” Whilst another said, “Under Paris was so good, just mad about the ending”.

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