Netflix's Shadow and Bone fans complain about same thing in season 2

shadow and bone viewers have complaint about new series
Shadow and Bone fans' complaint about S2Netflix

One of our all time favourite fantasy shows Shadow and Bone is finally back on Netflix for a second season after two years.

The eight-part series is an adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's novels of the same name and sees Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) discover she is a sun summoner with the rare magical power to control light. As news spreads of her skills Alina must decide who she can trust and how she can save the kingdom of Ravka.

Shadow and Bone has developed a dedicated fan based ever since it was released in 2021, but some fans have had one major complaint about the recent season - they can't see anything.

shadow and bone viewers have complaint about new series

Following the season two release on Netflix yesterday one fan took to Twitter and said: "why Shadow and Bone is so dark for NO reason, I can't see s**t half the time."

And another agreed tweeting: "Why is the new season of Shadow and Bone so dark, I can't f**king see s**t."

And last week when a teaser clip of the new season was shared, fans shared similar sentiments.

One person tweeted an image of putting the brightness up to full on their phone, captioning the image: "new Shadow and Bone scene dropped you know what that means!"

The tweet received over 5,000 likes and many people commented saying they agreed that it was difficult to see what was going on at some times, with one person saying: "for real I can't watch it sometimes."

Shadow and Bone isn't the only fantasy series to have faced this complaint, with HBO's House of The Dragon also receiving similar reactions from fans when it aired in August last year.

The darkness isn't going to stop us from enjoying the new season of Shadow and Bone, but we may need to make sure the curtains are drawn extra tight for maximum enjoyment of the series.

Shadow and Bone season two is available on Netflix now

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