Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries, Volume 4' To Highlight Both Unexplained New Cases and Age-Old Serial Killers

The full trailer for Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries, Volume 4 is here.

The fourth installment in Netflix's continuation of the popular documentary series is set to premiere on July 31 with a total of five new episodes. Volume 4 will focus on both newer cases about unexplained deaths, baffling disappearances and bizarre paranormal activity, and the long-unsolved 1880's mystery of serial killer Jack the Ripper. “This is our most unique volume yet. From one of the most notorious unsolved cases of all time to all-new baffling mysteries, there’s something for everyone to solve,” co-creator and executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer said in a statement.

Watch the full trailer above. Unsolved Mysteries, Volume 4 premieres July 31 on Netflix.