"I Hate It With Every Bone In My Body": People Are Calling Out The Overrated Things They're Tired Of Being Told Are Amazing

"I Hate It With Every Bone In My Body": People Are Calling Out The Overrated Things They're Tired Of Being Told Are Amazing

It's safe to say there are plenty of things that don't live up to the hype, no matter how much people try to convince you otherwise. Recently, redditor u/ancientinfamy asked the r/AskReddit community to share the things they're sick of people trying to convince them are great. Here are a few of their controversial takes.

1."Trying to turn my hobby into a business. I crochet for fun because it relaxes me. If you add in trying to figure out how much to charge for a project, dealing with people being unhappy with a high price, and then having to finish projects in a certain amount of time, it is no longer fun. A blanket might take me two weeks or five years. A small stuffed animal may take me 24 hours or a month. I do it for me, not to make money or hustle."


2."Hot weather. I honestly hate nothing more than sweating my balls off just by standing somewhere, let alone walking in the heat. As for sleeping at night, don't get me started. Here in the UK, everyone can't wait for summer, but then everyone moans that it's too hot as we melt away in our beds at night."

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3."Stanley mugs."


"I work in an elementary school, and all these kids are carrying this big fucking Stanley cup and dropping it constantly. The parents want it, not the kid. Goes for just about every fad. My $13 Walmart insulated cup also keeps stuff cold for hours and hot drinks hot."


4."Running. I am happy that some enjoy it, but I don't. It's not like I did not try running; it's just not great for me. I find other sports activities more enjoyable."

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5."Quitting the corporate world to start a business. I like my little peaceful job. Some people are not meant to be business owners, and I feel like I'm one of them."


"It’s nice to be truly off the clock when you leave. My dad owns an 11-employee small business, and it is all-consuming."


6."A wedding. I'm getting married soon and am really sick of people telling me I 'want a real wedding.' I don't want a $10k+ wedding. We want to go to the courthouse and have a party later. The number of people telling me I will regret not having a big wedding is wild. Whether we spend $100 or $30k, we love each other the same. Whenever we talk about it, someone always has to say something dumb about how we NEED a nice wedding. I WANT A COURTHOUSE WEDDING, DAMMIT."

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7."Kombucha. I'm sure it's great for me, but it tastes like carbonated sock tea."


"Kombucha is one of the worst drinks I've ever tasted, right next to IPAs. It literally just tastes like carbonated vinegar."


8."Ice baths."

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9."To become a manager. No thanks. I've done that and hated every second of the stress. My job right now is enjoyable. I clock in at 8:30, work really hard until 1:00, take my lunch, work really hard 'til 5:00, and clock out. No stress after hours, outside of the occasional 'Shit, I forgot to do XYZ.' I don't have to get called in to cover someone else, worry about what my team members are doing or calling off for, or juggle 45 team members' schedules and paychecks."


10."Cruises. Just stop. I'm never going to want to cruise on a commercial cruise line."

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11."Having kids. I know what an irresponsible and unqualified parent I would be and what a burden and financial headache it is. I don't need further validation or understanding of this 'life experience.' I get it. I don't need clarification or reminders of your beautiful struggles, either."


12."Drinking. I work in a restaurant. I can't go out with coworkers without at least three people shoving a shot of tequila in my face. I never understood the appeal of having my entire next day fucking suck just for a few hours of being completely unhinged."

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13."Dancing. Every woman I date is SUPER insistent that they will be the ones to 'get me out of my shell' and 'make me less self-conscious.' None of them listen to the reason I give. They think it's total BS. I just don't feel music like that. It is something I can feel deeply. It can change my mood. It never, ever makes me feel like dancing. Maybe a head bop and a pumped-up feeling, but I've never once danced by myself when I'm alone. I have no reservations about dancing other than the fact that everyone thinks they're doing me a favor by pulling me onto the dance floor so I can fake something that feels very unnatural for a few songs before going back and sitting down or talking to people. I'm sick of being treated like the shy dweeb and having everyone pity me for how self-conscious they think I am. I am happy to watch everyone have a good time. You do your thing, and I'll do mine."



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"I work in IT, and every software app under the sun is throwing out new 'AI' features, and they're almost all garbage. I think it's for marketing or competitive positioning purposes. AI gets our business sponsors all excited, though, and then they pressure my team to implement those 'vapor-ware' features. Hell, even cars are being marketed with AI features now, but maintenance predictions, vehicle diagnostics, and even self-driving features are really just algorithms or complex applications, not really AI. Calling something AI doesn't make it AI."


16."Foods made out of cauliflower. 'Have you had cauliflower (pizza crust, rice, or any other food where cauliflower is a replacement for something else)? It tastes just like the real thing!' Yes, I have, and they all suck. STOP with the cauliflower."

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17."Dogs. I was not raised around them, and I do not have a lifestyle that is conducive to them. I find them overwhelming and, frankly, a little smelly, albeit cute. Let me be a cat person in peace."


18."Coffee. They can keep that bitter shit."

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19."I'm tired of people trying to convince me that working excessively long hours is the key to success. The 'hustle culture' that glorifies overworking and equates it with dedication and achievement is something I find problematic."


20."Crocs — everyone loves them."

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21."Dating. For years, people have asked me why I'm not on dating apps, do I ever meet guys, and how I live without sex. 'Friends' even gave my number to a guy without my consent (I barely knew him) and set me up with strangers during parties. Like, what is wrong about feeling OK being single? I met my partner without trying to find someone. We're very happy, and the girls who kept forcing dating on me are single and complaining about being ghosted."


22."Apps for fast-food places. Not everything needs its own app. And the food isn't even worth the discount without the hassle."

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Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.