Nicholas-Cecilia saga: It's all over

Rheus Wai Soh See
Nicholas-Cecilia saga: It's all over

9 Jun – Nicholas Tse Ting Fung has finally signed divorce papers and agreed that wife Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi can take primary care of his two kids, according to an early report from Hong Kong's East Week and Next Magazine, as reported by May Daily website.

The reasons given for the split of the couple's five-year marriage are varied.

It was reported Cheung sold one of their properties behind Tse's back, which made him very angry.

East Week also disclosed that Cheung has had a secret relationship with a Mainland Chinese billionaire, aged around 50. The news however did not cite reliable sources.

The embattled actress' accidental meeting with ex-lover and scandal-mate Edison Chen on a plane back from Taiwan to Hong Kong earlier last month was the straw that broke the camel's back, according to most sources.

While many media reports seem to depict Cecilia Cheung as the bad wife, Next Magazine said Nicholas' close friendship with one-half of Twins, singer Gillian Chung, was the source of frequent disputes.