Nicole Byer Says ‘Nailed It!’ Might Not Get a Season 8: ‘I Don’t Know if It’s Coming Back’

“Nailed It!” hasn’t aired a new episode on Netflix since October 2022 — and even the comedic baking competition series’ four-time Emmy-nominated host seems to think its future is uncertain.

Sitting Wednesday on Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers’ podcast “Las Culturistas,” Byer said she doesn’t know if a Season 8 is around the corner. She noted that she hasn’t heard anything about it getting picked up, despite some fan sites saying it’s due to air this fall.

“Is ‘Nailed It!’ still on?” Rogers asked.

The question was met with an elongated, six-second “uhhhhh” from Byer, apparently reluctant to discuss the topic.

“If you can’t say, it’s fine, we’ll cut this out,” Yang assured. (She apparently did not tell them to do so.)

“You can log into Netflix and watch it. I don’t know if it’s coming back, I simply don’t know,” Byer said, finally. “I don’t know. I would love for it to come back.”

Byer, who can currently be seen costarring in “The American Society of Magical Negroes,” added that aside from loving “getting paid,” hosting the competition series “is a fun job. Like, it is genuinely a fun job and I do like doing it.”

She also expressed fondness for Jacques Torres, the famed French pastry chef, chocolatier and Byer’s cohost on the amateur baking competition series.

“It’s really fun to figure out how contestants are going to take me in,” she added.

“You think at this point they don’t already have an idea of how to take you in?” Yang asked.

“Well, they cut out me saying f–k and stuff like that. Like, sometimes I’ll read the prompter and be like, ‘Well, f–kity f–k, ah!’ [laughs] And then they’ll be like, ‘You’re a real lunatic,’ and I’m like, ‘Yes, I know,'” Byer said. “But yeah, I just try to make sure we’re all having fun in the end.”

“Nailed It!” premiered on Netflix in March 2018 and doled a second season later that year. Season 3 premiered in 2019, Season 4 came in 2020, Seasons 5 and 6 were in 2021 and Season 7 came in 2022.

Netflix didn’t immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on Byer’s uncertainty around a potential Season 8. But however in limbo it may be, we hope to see our bakers back on the “Nailed It!” set soon.

Listen to Byer’s full “Las Culturistas” interview here.

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