Nintendo Wii U Repair Service Officially Ends

A black Nintendo Wii U and its controller on a white background.
A black Nintendo Wii U and its controller on a white background.

It’s a shame the Wii U never quite took off, seeing as it was the follow-up to Nintendo‘s mighty Wii. As much of a disappointment as the former was, there are likely people who still have and play theirs. However, if yours is starting to look like it’s seen better days, you might be out of luck now.

Nintendo Wii U repairs are no longer possible

In a recent post on X (translated by the site from Japanese), Nintendo has said it’s officially stopped Wii U repairs, as of July 3. The message reads that the company has now “run out of parts” for the machine, so the service has come to an end. This goes for the console’s peripherals as well.

If you check out the Nintendo Support page, you’ll see the Wii U is now the latest addition to a list of platforms that are no longer being supported and/or are not being repaired. The list includes the N64, GameCube, all iterations of the Game Boy, DS, and even the Game & Watch series.

Some of you reading may be struck with a new thought: that Nintendo was still offering repairs for the defunct console at all. The Wii U was discontinued at the start of 2017, just weeks before the Switch was dropped, so it’s surprising that a repair service for the older system was still being offered in an official capacity.

Nintendo Wii U repairs may no longer be available, but the gaming giant continues on course for the future. We’re still not quite sure what’s happening with the long-awaited Switch 2. We know it’s in development, but given that the current generation is now over seven years old, it feels like it’s time for the Japanese company to reveal more about what’s coming next.

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