Normani felt relief after releasing her debut album

Normani felt relieved after releasing her debut album.

The 28-year-old singer shot to stardom as a teenager, when she joined the chart-topping girl group Fifth Harmony - but Normani faced various setbacks and delays when she embarked on her solo career.

Normani - who released 'Dopamine', her debut solo album, earlier this month - said on the 'Zach Sang Show': "I feel, I have gratitude.

"I'm still processing my feelings ... but more than anything, I'm so glad that the weight is lifted.

"I feel like I can be present, I feel like I can live as opposed to feeling like I'm surviving and I'm trying to fight to keep my head above water. That's what it felt like - I was constantly having to fight.

"That gets exhausting, so I'm like ... I'm in a much better place.

"Even the day before the album release, I feel really good now that it's out. Like, I can breathe. And that feels so foreign."

Earlier this month, Normani revealed that she was determined to explore "all of the layers" of her personality on her debut album.

The singer told Vogue: "It was important for me to explore all of the layers of myself as a human being, and as a woman.

"We’re capable of feeling many different emotions at once, and being many different things at once, while still remaining true to ourselves.

"I know what it’s like to go through heartbreak. I know what it’s like to be in love and feel euphoric.

"Either way, it was important for me to feel like I had space to be vulnerable and to really talk about something real that I experienced deeply."