Not an Ant-Fan! Paul Rudd was attacked by an insect shooting Marvel movie

Paul Rudd was bitten by an angry ant whilst shooting an 'Ant-Man' movie.

The 54-year-old actor has portrayed Scott Lang and his miniscule superhero alter ego in three films and the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe and whilst shooting one scene an irritated insect got inside his red and silver suit and attacked him, leaving him in agony.

Recalling the painful experience in an interview with British chat show host Jonathan Ross, he said: "It was p***** off that we weren’t representing him properly.”

During his appearance on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, Rudd also opened up on his affinity with the UK due to his English parents, Michael and Gloria, who moved from London to America.

The 'Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire' star - who was born in New Jersey but lived in Kansas City from the age of 10 - said: "I’ve been coming here my whole life, I have dual citizenship and it was tough to get any real good candy in the Midwest so we would always have relatives send us Crunchie bars and Rowntree Fruit Gums which were my dad’s favourite. I have such a warm feeling for England.”

When asked by Jonathan if he would ever move to Britain, Paul replies: “Well, we will see what happens in November,” in reference to the upcoming US presidential election.

Rudd then added: “I would love to live here, I love it.”

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