Oasis reunion rumours reignited as seat ‘reserved for Noel Gallagher’ spotted at Liam’s show

Rumours of an Oasis reunion have reached new heights after a seat reserved for Noel Gallagher was spotted at his brother Liam’s show.

The rock’n’roll star was performing at the O2 Academy in London on Tuesday night (11 June) when a fan spotted the sign which had been laid out on an empty chair in the reserved hospitality box. The post immediately sparked speculation of a reconciliation between the warring brothers.

“I’m in a hospitality box at #LiamGallagher and I’ve just seen this on a seat in front of mine,” wrote the fan alongside a picture.

The sign headed by “Metropolis Music” insignia, read “RESERVED NOEL GALLAGHER”.

“Omg is this true I’m about to die,” wrote one excited supporter on X/Twitter.

Other said they had their “fingers crossed” that the seemingly open invitation to his brother would lead to a reunion.

The legendary Mancunian band first ignited reunion speculation last month, after they shared a cryptic post on social media showing aerial footage of a large house on the banks of a countryside river, surrounded by hills. It was later confirmed to be a teaser for the 30th anniversary of the band’s hit album, Definitely Maybe.

The group split up in 2009 amid a bitter feud between the brothers and bandmates. This February, the band were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but were snubbed following Liam’s angry reaction to the group’s nomination.

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In October last year, Liam announced that he would be commencing a solo tour around the UK and Ireland to mark the album’s 30th anniversary. Noel, the elder brother, is said to have been ignoring calls for a reunion since the pair’s almighty bust-up backstage in Paris in 2009. In March this year, Liam said, “all my f***ing olive branches have gone”.

Appearing on the Pub Talk podcast in October 2022, Noel claimed that “a set of extraordinary circumstances” would be needed for Oasis to reform.

But it appeared that the sign was a regular occurrence and nothing out of the blue as one person added, “Liam leaves one at every show, in the hope that one day, one day, Noel will show up.”

A source close to Gallagher’s team told The Independent that the rocker had nothing to do with the reserved sign and it was likely “someone in hospitality having a wind-up”.

Other guests in attendance on the night included Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Gary Numan.