Olympics Star Eileen Gu Tries To Predict Her Future — And It's A Lot

Eileen Gu knows her future. Kind of.

The three-time medalist at the Beijing Winter Olympics was asked about her upcoming plans, and the 18-year-old gave some understandably cloudy answers.

“I have a lot of big goals coming up in the future, but I don’t really know what I’m going to be doing,” she said, per USA Today. “You guys will have to stay tuned on that one.”

But whatever she does, she’s going to do them as a breakout star of the games after winning two golds and a silver. Her easy halfpipe gold on Friday made her the first freestyle skier to win three medals in the same games.

Eileen Gu celebrates after winning the halfpipe. (Photo: China News Service via Getty Images)
Eileen Gu celebrates after winning the halfpipe. (Photo: China News Service via Getty Images)

The San Francisco-born Gu, who received some criticism for competing for China, her mother’s homeland, was asked if she would take a hiatus from skiing.

“I’m a very competitive person and I’m also a very goal-oriented person. So the answer to that, in short, is I don’t know,” Gu told

“I do know that I’m going to go to Stanford,” she added, per USA Today. “I do know that I still love skiing and I know that I want to continue my work in the fashion industry and I want to continue being a nerd and I want to keep writing and I want to get some of my writing published.”

On the sports front, Gu had questions to ask herself. “In terms of skiing competitively, am I going to continue competing? Who knows?” she told the outlet.

Pursuing many endeavors, however, doesn’t freak her out. “My biggest message has been you don’t have to fit in a box, you can do it all,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

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