On The Mic: Family violence amid the COVID-19 pandemic (Part 1)

On The Mic: Family violence amid the COVID-19 pandemic (Part 1)

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SINGAPORE — According to the Singapore Police Force, family violence cases have spiked since the circuit breaker period began on 7 April.

This appears to be in line with similar increases being seen around the world.

In Part 1 of our feature on family violence amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I spoke with Shailey Hingorani, the head of research at the Association for Women for Action and Research (AWARE).

She explained her how her organisation has been seeing a marked increase in calls relating to spousal, elder and child abuse. She also gave her views on how the pandemic and social distancing measures might be behind the rise in cases.

If you’re in need of help relating to family violence issues, or know of someone who is, here are some resources:

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