Onoe Tatsumi attempts suicide

5 Jul – Kabuki's actor, Onoe Tatsumi, was transported to a hospital in a comatose state after attempting suicide in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park, according to reports from Tokyo Hive website.

The Yoyogi Police reported that, Onoe, 31, was found by a friend hanging from a tree at Yoyogi Park at around 2 A.M. There was no suicide note found.

Onoe has not updated his blog or Twitter since 4 June, but when he made a blog entry after the Japan earthquake on 17 March, he wrote, "We must continue living for the people who passed away (from the disaster)! We have to continue living while learning many things and thinking about many things from the lost lives!"

Tatsumi, who is of the family led by Kabuki star Onoe Shoroku, debuted after completing a Kabuki-actor training course at the National Theatre of Japan in 1996.