Oprah Winfrey hails Gayle King's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot

Oprah Winfrey thinks Gayle King's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoot is "great".

The 70-year-old talk-show host is a long-time friend of Gayle, and the TV personality has revealed that Oprah has been hugely supportive of her Sports Illustrated shoot.

Gayle, 69 - who features in the 60th anniversary edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit - told 'Extra': "Oprah said, ‘It’s great.’ She’s very happy for me.

"It’s something about when you do that and you feel good about it and the people you care about are applauding you, nothing gets better."

Gayle has also received positive feedback from members of the public.

She said: "We have no limitations."

Gayle appears in the anniversary edition alongside the likes of Christie Brinkley, Martha Stewart and Tyra Banks.

And the TV star has revealed that she's "feeling fine" at 69.

Gayle shared: "I really do feel that … when people say you shouldn’t talk about your age because I say ageing is living … We all get to this stage and feel great about it."

Meanwhile, Oprah recently revealed that she turns to Gayle for "real therapy".

The veteran TV star has been friends with Gayle for decades, and Oprah has often turned to her friend for help and support, rather than a professional therapist.

Oprah told PEOPLE: "I've never been to a therapist because I had so many on the show, but my real therapy came from downloading whatever was happening in the day with Gayle every night."

Oprah and Gayle also supported each other throughout the early years of their careers.

The TV icon shared: "There wasn't a day that we missed being on some kind of phone call talking about what had happened in our days."

Oprah is now hugely grateful for Gayle's support.

She said: "I've had one of the best friendships anybody could have. And you can only do that when somebody cares as much about your success, your sadnesses, your triumphs as you do."