OUCH! Desi Lydic Tells Trump How 'Everyone' Around Him Really Feels

Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic said Donald Trump had to sit through court and listen on Thursday as his own attorney read “all the nastiest things” that Michael Cohen has said about him over the years.

Trump attorney Todd Blanche read quotes from Cohen calling Trump a “boorish cartoon misogynist,” “a Cheeto-dusted cartoon villain,” and “dictator douchebag,” all as the former president looked on.

“Damn!” said Lydic, who is hosting this week. “Trump is just sitting there while his own lawyer roasts him.”

Trump’s attorneys were trying to make the case that Cohen can’t be trusted because of how much he hates Trump.

Lydic isn’t sure that argument will fly.

“To be fair, everyone who’s ever worked with Donald Trump hates Donald Trump,” she pointed out. “At some point, you gotta be like, ‘I think it’s Trump!’”

As she spoke, the screen filled with images of former Trump officials ― including multiple members of his Cabinet, and even his own vice president ― who have turned on him.

See more in her Thursday night monologue: