Overtime Elite's top 2024 NBA Draft prospects with OTE's Damien Wilkins | On The Clock

On today's episode of On The Clock, Krysten Peek is joined by Overtime Elite's Head of Basketball and GM Damien Wilkins to discuss the top 2024 NBA Draft prospects coming out of their program.

Peek opens up the conversation by asking Wilkins to share a look behind the curtain on what Overtime Elite is and how it's helping develop future NBA players. They reflect on the success of Amen and Ausar Thompson who were drafted early in the 2023 NBA draft last year.

They then dive deep into the top prospects from Overtime Elite in this year's NBA draft, focusing on Alexandre Sarr, Rob Dillingham, Tyler Smith, and Izan Almansa. Wilkins shares what makes each prospect unique and why top NBA teams should draft them.

After the break, Peek asks Wilkins how Overtime Elite fits into the rapidly changing pre-draft landscape now that NIL is so impactful. Wilkins explains why he feels top prospects shouldn't chase short-term money if they want to reach the NBA.

They wrap the show with Peek asking Wilkins who he believes the Atlanta Falcons should draft first overall.

(1:06) What is Overtime Elite?

(7:28) Top Overtime Elite prospects

(16:58) Future of the NBA Draft landscape

(24:58) Make The Pick: Atlanta Hawks

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