Pakistan, China partners in crime against Baloch nation: Mehran Marri

London, April 15 (ANI): Dubai-based Nawabzada Mehran Marri, who is a representative for Balochistan at the UNHRC, has described both Pakistan and China as partners in committing crimes against the Baloch nation. In an interview given to ANI here recently, Marri said: "You have to go on the ground to realize the strong resentment there. In the international community, we have been highlighting this. Last week, they (Pakistan) handed over Gwadar to the Chinese." "The Chinese and Pakistanis are the partners in the crimes against the Baloch nation. And, the Gwadar port project is not a commercial project aimed at bringing prosperity in the region, and especially for the Baloch people, absolutely not. It is a naval base created for the Chinese to have listening post in the region. This is danger to America, international and regional powers, and first and foremost, a danger to us," he added. "We believe that the Muhajirs, Punjabis and Chinese are all against the Baloch. Fine, we don't have the resources to combat that, but we do understand that we disperse this information to international community, we let them know. Fine, you can close your eyes on the issue today, but tomorrow, you have to deal with it," Marri said. He further revealed during the course of his interview that the Chinese do not respond to points of order. He also questioned Pakistan's authority over Balochistan and its right to use the province's resources in conjunction with a third party. "Pakistan is an illegal occupier and an illegitimate broker. It has no right to be a broker for Baloch resources," Marri said. Accusing Pakistan of illegally occupying Balochistan since 1948, Marri said Islamabad has always distorted history even among its own people on the actual position Balochistan had when Pakistan became independent. "So, first and foremost, we have to recognise the problem that Balochistan is an occupied country just the way Pakistan advocates Kashmir's occupation, or Palestine's occupation. It has done the exact thing in Balochistan. So, the issue on that point onwards - there's military operation, there's international propaganda they have played - Baloch have been a victim for almost 65 years," he said. "I have been coming to UN for a decade now. At some point, we call it slow motion genocide of the Baloch nation. I think that this slow motion has intensified, especially in the last two years, since the so-called Democratic Party of People's has come to power," Marri said. Marri said that Pakistan's intelligence agencies and the military are realizing that Balochistan is getting out of their hand. "Baloch nationalism is taking a big turn. Out of the 65 years of Baloch struggle, in the last decade, Baloch nationalism and Baloch aspiration to regain their sovereignty and independence has been very strong," he said. He also claimed that international organizations and NGOs have always been sympathetic towards the rights of Baloch people. Pakistan, he said, is not a legitimate state as it is an artificial created entity. The world is now realising that Pakistanis are the terrorists who are killing their soldiers, he added. He also felt that high-ranking Punjabis were controlling the media in Pakistan to prevent the Baloch issue from being highlighted. "The Pastuns and Hazaras and not an issue, but we have an issue with Punjabis. There are few who work as agents for Punjabis. This is a conspiracy of Islamabad to create differences among us," he said. He also described Nawab Akbar Bugti as a great leader of Balochistan, and said that with Brahamdagh Bugti in charge, there was no vacuum in the Baloch cause for independence. "There is no shortage of leaders. This is a game and propaganda created by Pakistan. As what was done by Musharraf. Now, elections are coming up, and it is a big issue. If people like me and Brahamdagh go to participate in elections, there is no doubt that we will be killed by Pakistani military. Look what they did with Nawab Akbar Bugti," Marri said. "I don't see any political solution to Balochistan issue. Everything is escalating year by year," he concluded. (ANI)