Paloma Faith 'is so excited' to perform at Glastonbury

Paloma Faith feels ready to "combust" with excitement ahead of her Glastonbury performance.

The 42-year-old singer is preparing for her first performance at the world-famous festival in eight years, and Paloma can't wait to take to the stage.

The music star - who plays the Pyramid Stage on Sunday (30.06.24) - told The Sun newspaper: "I’ve not done Glastonbury in eight years and I feel so excited. I am almost going to combust. It is one of the absolute best memories of my career, playing at Glastonbury.

"I’m over-the-moon excited for it. This time I am going to try and stay.

"I didn’t get to last time, I was so rushed, but this time I am going to try. I really want to see SZA perform, I love her."

Paloma also teased what fans should expect from her performance.

She shared: "I will do some of the hits and a mix of the new album.

"I feel like the new album is really full to the brim of fun songs to play, and I’ve got a new person in my band who is an on-stage producer who is sending me videos of himself playing about with loops and stuff which makes it really exciting.

"I think it’s going to go off."

Meanwhile, Paloma has hit out at some of the Glastonbury VIPs, accusing them of being "entitled".

The singer said: "It is weird - when I am in the VIP area I get hassled left right and centre.

"Everyone in there feels entitled but in the normal bit everyone leaves me alone and they just want to talk to me like a normal person.

"In the VIP area they are like, ‘We deserve this’, but they are not giving me the money that they spent on the ticket."