Pancakes : A Plate Full of Happiness

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What's the best pancake topping? More pancakes!

Absolutely. And what's better than whipping up these pancakes on your weekend morning with easy-to-bake recipe? Radhika Khandelwal's recipe for the fluffiest pancakes and hazelnut-chocolate spread is going to be your reason to get out of bed on weekend and treat yourself with some delicious, yet fancy looking breakfast.


  1. Hazelnuts

  2. Cocoa powder

  3. Vegetable oil

  4. Melted chocolate

  5. Salt

  6. Flour

  7. Sugar

  8. Baking soda

  9. Vanilla

  10. Egg

  11. Butter milk

How To Cook:

To prepare pancakes

  • Add sugar to the flour

  • Add baking soda and whisk it

  • Pour some butter milk and add an egg

  • Add vanilla and whisk the batter until smooth

  • Drop the batter and cook until the edges are dry

  • Flip over and let it cook.

To make hazelnut spread

  • Roast the hazelnuts to release oil

  • Grind the hazelnuts

  • Add cocoa powder

  • Add melted chocolate

  • Add some salt

  • Add vegetable oil

  • Blend them together

Spread the paste on pancakes and top it with seasonal fruits.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Chocolate hazelnut pancakes.</p></div>

Chocolate hazelnut pancakes.

Now, put the best thing into the pancakes – your teeth, and have a nice stack of Hazelnut Chocolate Pancakes.

Now flaunt your culinary skills to the world!
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